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We'd be really grateful if you would complete this questionnaire to help us shape the way we take the charity in the future.

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Please answer the following questions using a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is the least and 5 is the most
Aims: To what extent do you support the Charity's aims?*
Specific Plans: To what extent do you support each of these 10 plans?
1. There will be an increase in numbers of service users who will possess the confidence and social skills to contribute to society and gain meaningful employment and/or go into other training or volunteering opportunities.*
2. The wider society will gain knowledge and insight of those with disabilities and a range of health challenges; of their environment, and of their heritage.*
3. The Garden will be a widely used resource to enrich the experiences of of: nurseries, schools, colleges and youth groups; of pensioners; of interest groups (gardening, heritage, environmental sustainability); and of marginal and hard to reach groups.*
4. The Garden will contribute to the re-vitalisation of Wrexham, its self image, and its community relations*
5. The learning disabled will benefit from the project as they will be supported and enabled to develop individualised work-based routines and behaviours so that they can: make a full contribution to the garden's sustainability; and can improve their social and independent living skills.*
6. Those with a range of physical and mental health challenges will build up a sound work ethic and team working skills, and/or gain accredited horticultural qualifications, as they contribute to the garden's sustainability.*
7. Those in full-time and in part-time education will benefit from carrying out horticultural and conversation work within a garden setting and/or supporting those with disabilities thus gaining valuable workplace experiences and enhancing their future employment opportunities.*
8. Interest and hobby groups will benefit as they learn about the unique environment associated with an area of land which has remained primarily for kitchen gardening for over 180 years without significant human/chemical intervention; including the garden's heritage as a restored Victorian Walled Garden; the bio-diversity of the gardens, the woodland 'garden' planted with specimen trees as part of the arboretum plans at the turn of the 19th century; Gardening Clubs; Local Food Producers and Art/therapy groups will all benefit as the gardens are developed into a community resource.*
9. The wider public will benefit from learning about this unique project within a wonderful setting, and families will be able to visit and learn about growing fruit and vegetables, and purchase produce throughout the year leading to healthier lifestyles for all.*
10. Volunteers will continue to support the development of the gardens and of its service users. They will be given opportunities for relevant training so that their career development is enhanced; and/or will remain active in carrying out horticultural and conservation activities, thus maintaining a healthy lifestyle.*
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