We propose to transform the Garden into a major community resource to be used for a wide range of purposes, by a wide range of users.

Focusing on the Garden there will be a safe, caring and supportive environment with a strong culture of valuing and inclusion. It will promote personal growth and achievement; the importance of cultural and historical matters; care/safeguarding of the environment; and bio-diversity and the natural habitat.

We will aim to use our unique Garden to bring together: –

  • Those with disabilities and barriers who will gain socially, physically and mentally from a wide range of activities. They will also acquire qualifications, confidence and employment skills.
  • The wider public who will, by their involvement gain knowledge and enjoyment of local heritage and bio-diversity. They will also come to reconsider their perceptions of those with disability and barriers.

In order to achieve this we plan to: –

  • Create a team of people who can deliver this vision: Employees, volunteers, partners and beneficiaries.
  • Build and sustain supportive local and national partnerships.
  • Develop our site to deliver a range of businesses, educational opportunities and recreational facilities. This to include workshops, a cafe, education rooms and glasshouses.
  • Further enhance the Garden, woodlands and surroundings.

Further details of these plans are in our consultation documents.  You can enjoy a short video about the garden and our plans by clicking HERE