Garden Update – March 2021

As we approach the one year anniversary of the garden being closed to all except staff and a small number of volunteers, and with lockdown starting to be eased and the vaccination programme in Wales in full flight, we are re-introducing regular updates from the garden as we move towards some form of re-opening, hopefully in the near future.

Talking of “flight”, John Hughes one of regular volunteers, has been producing a monthly wildlife sketch of activity in the garden.

This month’s drawing features a buzzard. Whilst buzzards are common to most of Wales, it is unusual to see quite as much of them as we have done in the garden in the last few weeks, where they have been spotted soaring overhead as well as calmly sitting on the fencing around the pond area.

John’s drawings for January and February featured a robin and earthworm respectively.
















John pictured in the beautiful sunshine last year.

Great drawings John, we look forward to seeing what has caught your eye in April.

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