August Garden Update

There was a lot of activity in the garden today and it was a welcome relief following the recent heavy rains, to get outside without the constant threat of the next deluge washing away all the hard work and drowning us in the process.

In the garden:

The recent spell of rain, sunshine and more rain has been ideal growing conditions for weeds, which have thrived. It needed a concerted team effort to remove them.

Great team work tackling weeds on one of the terraces.
Ian having “fun” tackling the weeds amongst the leeks.
Helen and Hilary fighting the weeds amongst the parsnips


Deb getting down with the beetroot.

Repairing storm damage:

The heavy rainfall caused havoc with the deluge of water washing out the top dressing from some of the sloping paths and caused a lot of scouring, as the next pictures show.

Rain damage
Paths scoured by the rain

Today’s activity was to repair the worst of the damage to the paths.

Callum spreading a new layer of path top dressing
Ray tamping the new path top dressing

In the classroom:

Meanwhile in the classroom, the Tuesday afternoon craft class was in full swing.

Cathy was enjoying her craft afternoon
Avril was concentrating hard on her knitting
Big smiles from Jade
Sylvia having a rummage

Lavender bunches:

Emma was busy making Lavender bunches.

Emma getting ready to hang Lavender bunches for drying
Bees were busy making sure our Lavender bushes are well pollinated

And finally:

Please support our Spend-A-Penny appeal. We are raising funds to build a new accessible toilet block in the west garden; the current facility is in a very sorry state and does not meet accessibility requirements. This is an important project for us; please share this appeal with friends and relatives. All donations will be recognised on our [toilet] roll of honour.

You can donate to our fund via the following link.

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