Spend A Penny

Today we are launching our Spend A Penny fundraising appeal.

As many of you will know and will have experienced, getting caught short while in the west garden means a long uphill dash to the main toilet facilities at the top of the site in the education building. Quite an uncomfortable experience for those with full mobility, a very challenging experience for those with mobility or visual impairments.

And we have been welcoming an ever increasing number of visitors and groups to our wonderful garden which is putting even greater strain on our current facilities

Our plan is to build a new toilet block (consisting of 2 accessible toilet cubicles) in the west garden; this will also have the added advantage of allowing us to open the west garden to visitors without the need to have the whole site open, which will be particularly useful when we have groups using the roundhouse after normal opening hours.

We need £35,000 to build the new block. Our first target is to raise £1000 to fund the building design, planning / building consent and preparatory ground clearance.
In order to make this an affordable project, certain aspects will be completed by volunteers. As the project progresses we will have further funding targets, for bricks & mortar, porcelain goods & some labour, enabling us to complete each phase in a planned and achievable way.

The simplest way to help, is to donate via our fundraising appeal by clicking here.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you all to our garden.




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