Winter has certainly arrived at the Gardens.

Last Friday 8th December brought heavy snow fall around Wrexham, and we had to close the gardens, as neither staff nor students could get out of their homes easily -although Jane did make it in!

Following heavy snowfall over the weekend, and especially on Sunday, we were forced to close the project again on Monday, although Libby had made it in and put some lovely photos on our Facebook page. A decision was made to cancel our Christmas Party, scheduled for today, but to try and clear the driveway and entrance of snow, so that we could open as usual tomorrow. (Wednesday 13th December)

Staff and volunteers shovelling snow away. A big Thankyou to all staff and volunteers for this!

Although there will be no party this year, our students were able to decorate their own cakes. Thankyou to Sally for this idea! Stephen and Emma are helped by Dave, our occupational health student from Glyndwr University. Dave had spent 12 weeks with us, bringing fresh ideas as to how we can help our students engage in gardening activities safely. He also suggested ways to help them in their lives outside the project, such as making choices, and how to behave appropriately in certain social situations.

Dave’s last day was last Friday, but we hope to see him again soon.

One of our students who used to attend the gardens, and now visits us about once a month is Kelly. Kelly enjoys writing her own stories, and usually brings in one or two stories, which can be about the walled garden or about her own adventures. Kelly also enjoys steam engines, and would like everyone to share her experience of driving a small gauge engine at the Llangollen railway. You have to click on a link to open this picture…

Large picture of Kelly Driving an engine

Finally, we would like to wish all our students, their friends and families, our volunteers, our staff and all our supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018.

(We ‘close’ this Friday 15th December, and re-open on Tuesday 2nd January 2018)

Keep warm! Keep safe!

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