There’s still lots to do it in the Garden in December!

Even though the temperatures are slowly dropping and there is less daylight to enjoy, there are lots of activities going on in the gardens.

The picture shows the Monday afternoon group from the Gwersyllt pupil referral unit, who help out for a few hours. The volunteers all seem to be enjoying the fresh air!

The bird hide has been made more weather proof, thanks to Malcolm, who kindly gave up some of his spare time to fix plywood panels and elbow rests into the hide.

One of our most keen bird watcher is Rachel, and here you can her catching our feathered friends as they visit.

Finally, the students are still cutting roses which are dried to make our organic confetti.

If you are interested in buying confetti from us, then we can prepare whatever colours you want. The whole process is carried out by our students – and with much loving care and attention!

Here you can see a happy couple enjoying our special confetti at their wedding last July. Please contact us on 01978265058 if you are interested.

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