Pumpkins are growing into giants!

Both our pumpkins are growing almost visibly overnight now. There is a 2 to 3 lb increase in weight every 24 hours, apparently……

The larger pumpkin, known affectionately as ‘Pumpkin 2’ now weighs around 32lb, according to Nick and his calculations involving the girth of each pumpkin.

‘Pumpkin 1 is lagging behind slightly, but has increased in girth to 170cm.

We will keep you posted on their growth, so ‘Watch this Space!’

Phil, Tia and Hilary are busy cropping mulberries.

Emma is busy pinching out the side shots of the tomatoes.

Do come along to see what we are cropping. There is always something available! (Between 9 and 4pm, Monday to Thursday, and between 9 and 3pm on Fridays).

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