Raspberries and Mulberries now ready and pumpkins start to grow more rapidly……

The mulberries are starting to ripen and Pat and Helen show the punnets of Autumn raspberries which are ready. Tomatoes, French and runner beans are also being cropped as well as potatoes, beetroot, onions, garlic and apples. Do call by and see what we have available Monday to Friday 9 to 3pm.

The pumpkins are now starting to really increase in size. The circumference of Pumpkin 1 is 125cm (and Nick estimates this means the pumpkin weighs about 10 lb).

Pumpkin 2, which is on a slightly larger plant, now measures 138cm (or 54″). Nick has said that when the pumpkins have a circumference of 96″, then the increase in growth will be very impressive.

The recent heavy rain that we have been having has really helped their growth – although it has washed our roadway and pathways away (again!)

Finally, Ray and Carlton’s hard work on the roundhouse is really paying off. Three sides have had windows put in, and have been cladded too.

Ray outside the roundhouse this morning.

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