Creative art work, garden and pumpkin update.

Cathy is admiring her art work, which she created in the Monday Art Class. It is a picture of a goldfish. Cath, a volunteer, who helps run this class with Hilary, used encaustic art (melted coloured wax applied onto special paper by a small iron) to produce some wonderful pictures.

Gareth, John and Dan also enjoyed the session. This class, along with the Friday Art Class, is the final one before the summer holidays, and will resume in September. If you are interested in volunteering to help run an art class, or indeed to help maintain our 2 walled gardens, then we always welcome enquiries, by phoning 01978 265058, and speaking to Libby. Alternatively, contact us on

The gardens are a verdant green now, with everything growing rapidly. Below is a picture of the pollinated pumpkin (one of 2) that Nick is hoping will grow into a giant. It is about 10 cm long. Will keep you updated on it’s growth!

Leeks were planted by the Monday ‘gang’ yesterday in one of the first early potato beds, and Liz kept on top of pruning and thinning our 2 grapevines. (We were also donated another 2 grapevines by a visitor, so we could go into wine production in the future?….)

Avril and Helen (the best of friends), are proudly showing some of our fruit, vegetables and flowers which are for sale. The sweet peas smell very fragrant too! Please come and visit between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday to see what we have.

Finally, please vote for us in the Masonic Charitable Foundation, the Tesco Community Fund, and in the Co-op Community Fund (see under ‘News’ June 2017.)


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