Early June Update!

As promised in our last news item, we are proudly growing 2 giant pumpkin plants just outside the original walled garden on a south facing (and sheltered) wall. Nick (of www.justseed.com) planted each seed in May, and has been taking pictures to monitor their growth each week, and watering them when it has been dry. Nick says that he is hoping for a female flower to appear in early July, on a 10-12ft long stem. This will hopefully be the start of the ‘giant’ pumpkin. We are aiming for a 100 lb pumpkin! (in ‘old’ money!)

Here is one pumpkin on 26th May:

…And here it is today (14th June)

Will keep you all posted on the pumpkins’ growth!

We also said ‘Goodbye’ to 2 students from Chester University, Sophie and Rachael. The girls have helped out in all activities for 6 weeks, and have made friends with students, staff and volunteers alike.

Here is a picture of Rachel with Phil in the gardens. They worked so well together and were always joking!

And here is a picture of Sophie, with Damon and Stephen.

Finally – after many months of hard work by mainly Ray and Carlton, although they had lots of help too – the cedar shingle roof is nearly finished. Here you can see Ray pretending to be a Buddha on the roof!

A final reminder that it will be our 6th Annual Summer Fayre this Saturday 19th June. Our gardens will be open from 1pm to 4pm for everyone to see what we do here, to meet our students, and to walk around the gardens after some light refreshments. See our Events section for more details!

“See you there!”


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