Art Class makes wonderful Chinese Dragon

For the past 3 weeks, the Monday’s Art Class, with the creative guidance of our Art Teacher, Gill, have been painting, gluing and assembling a colourful Dragon, in readiness for the Chinese New Year, which will be celebrated this coming Saturday 28th January by many people throughout the world.

It will be the year of the fire rooster, and those born in 1957 and in 2017 are considered to be fire roosters, and are trustworthy, hard working and loyal.

We will keep the Dragon up in our education room for at least the coming 2 weeks, as it brightens up some of the dull mornings we can get in January.

You can see that one of the first signs of Spring have been heralded too by the appearance of out first snowdrop, which was noticed by Gareth on his nature walk on Monday 16th January.

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