Ian Lucas visits gardens to hear our latest development proposals for the ‘Create Your Space’ Bid, and presents Agored Certificates to students.

Ian Lucas, MP, visited the walled garden last Friday 11th November to hear our latest development proposals if we are successful in the Create Your Space Bid. Ian was also able to present 2 students, Gareth and Rachael, with their latest Agored Cymru Certificates in ‘Environment: Introduction to Environmental Issues’ at Entry Level 3. Our students are currently working towards ‘Clearing and weeding a garden’, which they all get plenty of practise towards!


Ian was also able to see for himself, the work that is going on in preparation for our forthcoming Christmas Fayre this Saturday 19th November between 1 and 3.30pm.

Ian was very impressed with our ‘herd’ of reindeer, (now around 50 made!), and we can also individually make a name tag for each one, should you wish to buy one this Saturday. Ian is admiring the reindeer with Rob, Damon, Mark and Bartek.


Just to thank Trevor, our main reindeer maker, who has spent many weeks assembling each animal!


We look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Fingers crossed for dry weather!




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