Our windfall apples added to ‘Rosie’s’ cider making this autumn

We have had a bountiful harvest of apples this year from our 40 apple trees in the orchard, west garden and on the walls of the walled garden. Glyn Smith, the Head Gardener from Erdigg, kindly identified most of the varieties this summer, and we are currently labelling each variety, and cropping lots of delicious apples which are on sale. However, there have been plenty of windfalls too, and Steve Hughes, of Rosie’s Cider in Llandegla, LL11 3BA, (www.rosiescider.co.uk) agreed to add ‘about a sack full’ of our excess apples to the 150+ tons of apples that he grows on the hill-side of his farm, for this years main cider making.

The picture shows Steve adding our apples to a truck load of other apples last weekend.

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