Lesley Griffiths visits on our final consultation morning on Saturday 29th October.

mike-by-consultation-signage-29-10-16EVWG hosted 5 consultation sessions between Saturday 22nd and Saturday 29th October, when 40 members of our local communities visited the gardens, were shown a video, and were able to talk to a Director about the Charity’s ambitious plans to further develop the gardens and encourage a wider community involvement. If successful in the second stage application of the Create Your Space Programme, then our communities will be consulted throughout the 5 year development, which will cost between £1.6 and £2 million.

The feedback we received from new visitors was positive, encouraging and supportive, with a few suggestions on improving our plans. Thank you to everyone who came, including Lesley, who is our patron and long standing supporter of EVWG.

The photo shows Mike Meadows, a Director, standing by one of our signs, made by Ray, a volunteer, which apparently brought a number of people to the gardens, who had never been before.

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