Volunteers are central to our culture, organisation and future. The rewards, satisfaction and joy of being part of our vibrant Garden are the highlight of the week for many of us. And you don’t even have to like gardening!

At present our volunteers do a wide range of things. We always need more people to help in all areas: –

Role Brief Description Timescale

(several, scattered across the week)

The number of gardeners required is linked to the season and the size of the area we have. Working under the direction of the head gardener, roles include:

1.    To work alongside and support Service users in the garden in tasks such as weeding, cropping, planting out etc.

2.     To work independently on heavier tasks such as digging, lawn mowing, strimming, rotovating etc.  As required.

3.    To lead small groups of service  users and/or other  volunteers  in tasks in different areas of the garden

Immediate and on-going
Groundsman To maintain the wider footprint of the project, including lawns, footpaths, hedges, to work independently under the  
Friday Support for College To assist during term time with supporting a group from Coleg Cambria, in a range of gardening activities.  
Classroom support To assist with Tuesday afternoon sewing and needlecrafts immediate
Admin Support  (max 1 at any one time) a.    To assist with general admin tasks including filing, answering the phone, dealing with queries, gathering information. Tea money, filing, attendance lists, etc

b.    For allocated responsibilities: support for specific employees.

This role will expand as and when numbers increase..

Short – medium term appointment

(up to 50?)

We would like to expand the range of classes which we can offer our existing and potential future service users.  Current suggestions include computing, wood crafts, flower arranging, a second basic skills class, a higher level skills class, expansion of the Horticultural Agored Qualifications to a broader range of service users and potentially volunteers, however other suggestions could be considered.

The number of teachers required is linked to both the availability of teaching spaces and the number of students. Broadly the maximum number of classes possible at the moment is 10, using half day sessions through the week. However, it may be that teachers would prefer to take on a fixed term commitment, eg a 10 week course for 1 morning per week. Potentially this would mean we could need up to 5 teachers for every half day slot:




1 – 2 years
Development of Businesses within the Charity To take a lead in/assist with a particular area of our growing businesses

a.    Confetti manufacture

b.    “Veggie boxes”

c.     Planted bulbs

d.    Fruit and veg sales

Roles may include assisting with the development  of the products, gathering and sorting, and the delivery

short – long term
IT a)    Maintaining our website

b)    Promoting a social media presence

c)    Maintaining our admin and educational IT

Marketing & Publicity a)    Production of written materials

b)    Production of video

c)    Contact with local newspapers, tv, radio

d)    Contact with local clubs, societies, ect

“Meet & Greet” To assist at open days, and when we have groups visiting the garden,  to help serving refreshments  
Volunteer taster Course support To support would-be volunteers on a 6 week induction/assessment programme Immediate
Service user supporters To support volunteers in their day to day Charity activities Immediate