Guides enjoy late August BBQ at EVWG, Pumpkin update, and a reminder that our Bird watching project starts next Monday.

On Friday 25th August, the 2nd Johnstown Guides came to cook some delicious food on the BBQ in the West Garden. The picture shows the girls preparing bacon for ‘butties’ and this was followed by cakes, filled with raspberries picked from the garden.

Pumpkin Update:

Pumpkin 2 now measures 30″ from top to bottom

Pumpkin 1 measures 60″ in circumference.

A reminder that our project: ‘Bird Watching for Twitchers of any age’ will be starting next Monday 4th September at 9.30 am. Just come along and join a group of people who¬†share a love of birds and wild-life in the wonderful and peaceful setting of a restored walled garden!




August activities and pumpkin up-date

Zach is proudly displaying the tray of tomatoes which he picked last Friday – there is always lots of cropping going on at the moment, with swedes being available too.

Our giant pumpkins continue to grow rapidly in weight and girth. Pumpkin 2 is ‘winning’ at the moment, and weighs approximately 63lb. Nick tells us that he hopes that both pumpkins will be ready for cropping by the end of September. Anyone want to predict their final weight?

Louis, Avril and Pat are busy pruning the raspberry bushes(and obviously enjoying the activity!).Louis has joined us for the summer holidays, before he goes back to Derwen College in September.

Finally, the Tuesday craft class has been creating lots of different items in readiness for our Christmas Craft Fayre on November 18th. However, our walnut tree has benefited from the knitting, and Cathy, who has sown the pieces together, proudly displays the colourful trunk.


Pumpkins are growing into giants!

Both our pumpkins are growing almost visibly overnight now. There is a 2 to 3 lb increase in weight every 24 hours, apparently……

The larger pumpkin, known affectionately as ‘Pumpkin 2’ now weighs around 32lb, according to Nick and his calculations involving the girth of each pumpkin.

‘Pumpkin 1 is lagging behind slightly, but has increased in girth to 170cm.

We will keep you posted on their growth, so ‘Watch this Space!’

Phil, Tia and Hilary are busy cropping mulberries.

Emma is busy pinching out the side shots of the tomatoes.

Do come along to see what we are cropping. There is always something available! (Between 9 and 4pm, Monday to Thursday, and between 9 and 3pm on Fridays).

Raspberries and Mulberries now ready and pumpkins start to grow more rapidly……

The mulberries are starting to ripen and Pat and Helen show the punnets of Autumn raspberries which are ready. Tomatoes, French and runner beans are also being cropped as well as potatoes, beetroot, onions, garlic and apples. Do call by and see what we have available Monday to Friday 9 to 3pm.

The pumpkins are now starting to really increase in size. The circumference of Pumpkin 1 is 125cm (and Nick estimates this means the pumpkin weighs about 10 lb).

Pumpkin 2, which is on a slightly larger plant, now measures 138cm (or 54″). Nick has said that when the pumpkins have a circumference of 96″, then the increase in growth will be very impressive.

The recent heavy rain that we have been having has really helped their growth – although it has washed our roadway and pathways away (again!)

Finally, Ray and Carlton’s hard work on the roundhouse is really paying off. Three sides have had windows put in, and have been cladded too.

Ray outside the roundhouse this morning.